United States only


When you find items you'd like to receive please submit a request listing all items and I will send an invoice, emailed to you within 24-48 hours (during M-F). Invoice will include: cost of item(s) + tax + shipping.

*Note replies to emails, process and ship during business days (Monday-Friday).

All items requested will be held for 24 hours (this may or may not be noted on this website and/or social media). Once the invoice is sent to email provided, payment must be sent and cleared within 24 hours of sent invoice otherwise all items will go back to available to purchase.

All requests for items will be held via time stamp of submission, so if multiple people request the same item whoever sent the request first will get the invoice for it.

If you request multiple items and not all items are available/already sold, only the available items will be listed on your invoice. Items will be put back for general request if payment falls through, does not clear, is not receive within 24 hours of time of invoice being sent. Stock of items will be updated on this store website within 24-48 hours of what is available and sold out (payment cleared and mailed).

*Please include correct name and mailing address for shipping at time of invoice request. If all fields are not filled in at time of request it will be void and cannot be changed once payment is received.

Once payment has cleared allow 5-7 business days for processing before items are shipped (may be less or a bit more time depending on season). Questions submit via the general contact form.

Items will be shipped via USPS at $7.20 cost for entire order. Cost will be changing in January 2019. (A different shipping cost may incur for large orders.)