Crystal Tree Companions (ornaments)

The visions of crystals in trees! I've placed crystals in herb plants pictured below. Each crystal is wrapped with copper wire and has a ribbon (more color ribbons/styles are available if you want one of these colors: red, blue, gold, silver, teal, pink, orange, black).

Rose Quartz Tree Companion

Rose Quartz is a crystal of unconditional love. It has a soothing and calming energy that can lower stress, lead to forgiveness and empathy for reconciliation with others. Rose Quartz can be used to attract love or heal a broken heart. It is a good relationship crystal. Negative energy is removed to balance all the chakras replacing with unconditional love.

Mica Tree Companion

Mica protects against negative energy and shields against jealousy and anger, using it's many layers acting as an insulator to aid in bouncing back quicker.
Picture Jasper Tree Companion

Picture Jasper: A crystal that allows us to see the bigger picture and move forward with courage and confidence. Picture Jasper's banding and swirling patterns is said to be images from the past. These images from Mother Earth lead us to better understand our past fears.


Sodite Tree Companion

Sodalite is a crystal of self expression and confidence. It balances emotions while releasing old programming and conditioning that no longer serves the greater good. Sodalite is a crystal of awakening to use more intuition than emotions. It also clears electromagnetic pollution.


Sugilite Tree Companion

Sugilite: A spiritual crystal that promotes love. It helps to understand one's life purpose, the greater picture and reason for life lessons. A healer's crystal Sugilite enhances healing and psychic abilities.

Red Tiger Eye Tree Companion

Red Tiger Eye: Red Tiger Eye connects with the Base Chakra. Red Tiger Eye helps to ground sexual ideas into the physical world, resolve sexual issues that are causing problems in relationships and motivates a more active sex drive. Red Tiger Eye works with the lower chakras to ground and connect goals and visions to be balanced.

Adopted Amethyst Tree Companion

Amethyst is a powerful and protective crystal. Amethyst can create peaceful energy to relieve stress, encourage inner strength and help in meditation. It helps enhance the connection to the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. *Over time Amethyst will fade when in direct sunlight.

Blue Aragonite Tree Companion

Blue Aragonite helps dispel mental and spiritual problems. It helps make life more enjoyable. Aragonite helps to balance chakras.