Padma Bella Services

Reiki Healing + Energy Work brings Transformation and Spiritual Awakening.
Reiki is the Universal Life Force energy that flows through all things.
I blend Ancient + New Age Healing to share with you the Realm of the Elementals + the Mineral Kingdom
to Heal, Transform, Ascend, Awaken, and Liberate Your True Divine Soul Essence.

I have training and experience in: 
Usui Reiki I
DNA Activation Reiki  
Usui Reiki II
Evolutionary Light Healing
Aura Clearing
Ethereal Crystal Healing
Chakra Healing
Akastic Records
Dowsing Pendulum

Please inquire if you'd like personal Distance Reiki Healing. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes.
For all services + items you'd like to adopt, please contact us on our page. 
 Please include in the email: a brief description of what you're asking for guidance on: physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, or balance an aspect of your life.
Along with the name of service + your availability.
If you are unsure of a service, I can create a personalized guidance mentoring based on the information shared. A date and time will be provided at time of invoice.
This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and prior to beginning Reiki.

Balance + Heal Chakras

Beyond the basics of balancing + healing the Chakras. Distance healing Reiki is Infused with Ethereal Crystals + Aura Clearing. A blend of ancient and new age healing to balance + heal the Chakras, and work with clearing the Aura. Alignment of the Chakras, Physical bodies and Emotional bodies can eases physical and emotional symptoms. Awakening you to the Root cause of a symptom whether it's physical and/or emotional and/or someone else's.


Ascension Reiki

Ascension Reiki Awakens your Soul Essence to your Unique vibration to your Soul's purpose in this lifetime. If you've already awaken this will further your understanding to unlock your unique vibration. If you have felt a calling, and felt a shift this can ease the transition to walk through the doorway. Healing the old debris. Each session is created uniquely for you.


Life Restart "Tune Up" Reiki

When patterns of re+peating situations continue, A Life Re:Start "Tune Up" may be needed to finally learn the lesson and assist in moving past the patterns. First Recognize the Pattern, Learn from it, + Healing. You will be guided through a Distance healing experience to ease your Soul Essence Awakening journey with Evolutionary Light Healing.


Karmic Healing

Karmic Healing for the present + past + past lives to live freely as your True Divine Soul. When a pattern in life, symptoms keep coming up, when a person or place keeps coming up; Karma may be in need of healing.  


DNA Activation Reiki

Infusing New Age healing of Activating your DNA to Awaken. Heal to the DNA core, physically + emotionally. Activation of your DNA to transformation and healing. 


Akastic Records

Beyond time is the library of all time. Join me in the Ethereal Library I'll guide you to access your personal story from all your lifetimes. Ask a series of questions and we will journey to the library about you.