Padma Bella Services

Please inquire if you'd like personal Distance Reiki Healings. For all services + items you'd like to adopt, please fill out and submit a Request on our page.    
 Please include in the form: a brief description of what you're wishing to Heal along with the name of service + availability. A date and time will be provided at time of invoice.

Karmic Reiki

Patterns and Karmic Healing for the present and past to live freely with no ties in the present or future. Distance Reiki 1 Hour Session.


Life + Restart + Reiki

When patterns or re+peating situations continue A Life Re:Start may be needed to finally learn the lesson. When you need assistance to move Past the Patterns. First Recognize the Pattern, Learn from It, + Healing will come to New Life. Distance Reiki 1 Hour Session.


Ascension Reiki

Clear the old debree to ease + Ascent. A "Tune Up" for the Mind, Body + Soul. Distance Reiki 1 Hour Session.


Aura Clearing Reiki

We are beyond our physical body. Clear the Aura. Distance Reiki 30 Minute Session.


Alignment + Physical +  Emotional Reiki

All is connected. Symptoms easing with use of crystals. Alignment of Physical + Emotional. Distance Reiki 1 Hour Session.


Ethereal Crystal Healing

Distance Healing with Ethereal Crystals 1 hour session. To heal a physical or emotional block.


DNA Reiki Healing

Healing of your DNA 1 hour session.


Charka + Aura Reiki

Heal and balance the 7 Chakras + Aura + Crystals. 1 hour session.


1 Chakra Reiki Healing

Autumn 2019 special 9.9.19-11.11.19 1 Chakra (Root, Sacral, or Solar Plexus) healing in a 33 minute session.
Use code: AutumnChakra. (or use code: Autumn3Chakras for all three lower chakras $88.88).