Mini Dream Catchers by Padma Bella

 Handmade Dream Catchers by Padma Bella are made with intention, purpose and infused with Reiki. 

Each design is unique in color and patterns. Made with biodegradable materials. Use of authentic crystal beads.
A great gift idea on a budget. They are small enough to be used as ornaments, gift topper, or a gift. We also offer bulk orders for wedding favors, baby shower gifts, or party favors (message for details).

Padma Bella offers made for you Dream Catchers with custom orders. 
Inspired by Dream Catcher design pictured will be created for you upon order and payment clearing. 

There are some already made Dream Catchers available also noted in the description. 
Once the pictured Dream Catcher is sold, an inspired one will be created with similar color specifically for you or someone special. 
Reiki or an intention can be uniquely infused in the weaving upon it's creation just for your Dream Catcher. 

Within each Dream Catcher by Padma Bella is woven a magic web to connect and dispel dreams that no longer serve your highest self. Each is also attuned to use to manifest your dreams in the waking reality. Duality to aid in both slumber and waking realities.

Materials: Plant based biodegradable frame, cotton yarn, thread.

Select your custom color:
Light Pink, Pink, White, Orange, Black, Red, Green, Sage Green, Bright Blue, Navy Blue, Orange/Black, Black/Orange 

Accessories: (select one)
2 Feathers
2 Tassels

Diameter: 2 Inches

Pictured are sample dream catchers. Handmade Dream Catchers by Padma Bella each have a unique pattern. Colors may vary due to lighting in photography. 

If you wish to order in bulk please contact us for discounts. Questions please Connect with us.

Single Dream Catcher

Select your custom color and accessory.



Pair of Dream Catchers

Select your custom colors. Pick your first color in the drop down box and write your second color in the description box.

2 for $8.88

First Color:
Second Color + Accessory:

Custom Bulk Orders

Please message with your order requests. Inquire bulk discount prices.


Pink or White 
Mini Dream Catcher

Orange or Black
Dream Catcher

Red or Green 
Dream Catcher

Orange/Black or Black/Orange
Dream Catcher

Yellow or Orange
Dream Catcher

Other Colors
Dream Catcher