Dream Catchers by Padma Bella

Handmade Dream Catchers by Padma Bella are made with intention, purpose and infused with Reiki. Each design is unique in color and patterns.

Padma Bella offers made for you Dream Catchers with custom orders. Inspired by the Dream Catcher design pictured will be created for you upon order and payment clearing.

A selection of colors options will be sent via email to choose from: wrap, web, tassels, beads authentic crystals or glass, ribbons. There are some already made Dream Catchers available also noted in the description. Once the pictured Dream Catcher is sold, an inspired one will be created with similar color specifically for you or someone special. Reiki or an intention can be uniquely infused in the weaving upon it's creation just for your Dream Catcher.

Dream Catchers are traditionally believed to catch a person's bad dreams and let a person's good dreams pass through.

Within each Dream Catcher by Padma Bella is woven a magic web to connect and dispel dreams that no longer serve your highest self. Each is also attuned to use to manifest your dreams in the waking reality. Duality to aid in both slumber and waking realities.

Listed by approximate diameter size or shape. Please open one Request page to place orders and add to it before submitting. Questions please connect with us.

Dream Catchers by Padma Bella

Crystal Inspired Dream Catchers 
Sacred Geometry Inspired Dream Catchers
Heart Dream Catchers
     +3.5 inch 
     +5.5 inch
     +7.5 inch
     +Multiple Hearts
Star Dream Catchers
     +Multiple Layer Stars
Moon Dream Catchers
Alchemy Dream Catchers
Driftwood Dream Catchers
Circle Dream Catchers
     +Chakra Dream Catchers
     +2 inch
     +4 inch
     +6 inch
     +8 inch
     +10 inch
     +multiple layers