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Sapphire is a very powerful stone it is a stone of wisdom, learning, mental acuity, psychic activation, love, friendship and attracts good influences. It is a member of the Corundum clan. It means blue in greek as often the main color associated is blue in color. The blue can range from dark blue to almost black and a variety of other shades. Most sapphires come from Australia. It works mostly with the throat chakra and is called the stone of destiny as it contributes to metal clarity and perception. It is a birthstone of April and a symbol of Saturn (dark blue) and Venus (light blue). The star sapphire is most valued today.


The sapphire was called the "Stone of Destiny". Sapphires contribute to mental clarity and perception. They can promote financial rewards.

The sapphire is the symbol of heaven and joyful devotion to God.

Sapphire is associated with Aquarius, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn. It is the birthstone of September and has been the birthstone of April. Sapphire is the symbol of Saturn (dark blue) and Venus (light blue).


Stone Color
Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Violet, Green, White, Black

Energy Properties

Blue Sapphire 
Blue Sapphire is a stone of friendship and love, attracts and influences. It gives the wearer devotion, faith, imagination and peace of mind. Blue Sapphire inspires creative expression, intuition, and meditation.
-Mental Clarity
Yellow Sapphire 
Yellow Sapphire brings wisdom and prosperity. It brings financial abundance. Yellow sapphire stimulates the solar plexus to focus on creativity and manifest goals and ambitions.
Orange Sapphire 
Orange Sapphire also called Padparadsha Sapphire brings wisdom of loving creation from the heart into the world. It brings unity in creativity, sensuality, and spirituality. It is often a talisman of artists, writers and singers.


Pink Sapphire 
Pink Sapphire stimulates emotions and encourages love, forgiveness, and releasing of the past. It brings wisdom of resilience allowing one to accept and strengthen the heart.
Violet Sapphire
Violet Sapphire stimulates meditation and opens the Crown chakra allowing the Kundalini to rise. It initiates peace and oneness while bringing wisdom of spiritual awakening.

Green Sapphire
Green Sapphire encourages compassion for others while it stimulates vision. It stimulates fidelity and integrity. Green sapphire also aids in dream recall.
White Sapphire 
White Sapphire provides inner resolve when it is needed to overcome an obstacle that has come up in one's spiritual path. This crystal brings wisdom and strength of the spirit to have clarity of the mind and communicate with higher guidance.

Black Sapphire
Black Sapphire brings about confidence in one's own intuition. It is a talisman for seeking and maintaining employment. Black Sapphire is a grounding stone which also protects, relieves anxiety and sorrow.

Fourth Chakra - Heart
Prime Function                                       Divine Principle (Goal)
*Balance, Love and Connection                   *Warmth, Esteem, and Forgiveness
-Love and compassion                               -Motion
-Ego                                                       -Sharing and Relating
-Hope                                                     -Respecting self and others
-Positive attitude                                 
Physical Property (Sense-Touch)              Anatomical Connections 
*Center of Love for Self, Others                   *Heart
-God                                                        -Lung
-Emotional Balance                                    -Lymph and immune system
                                                              -Blood pressure
Emotional Connection                               Planet: Venus
*Sharing and Trust                                     Element: Air
-Flexibility                                                 Aromatherapy: Heliotrope
-Growth                                                   Metal: Copper
-New ideas                                               Sound: Ah
-Coping skills                                             Fragrance: Chamomile
-Balance                                                  Incense: Rose

Sixth Chakra - Third Eye
Prime Function                                       Divine Principle (Goal)
*Intuition and Understanding                       *Sixth Sense and Clairvoyance
-Clairvoyance                                            -Imagination
-Seeing beyond the five body senses            -Knowing and seeing intuitively
-The psychic sense                                  
Physical Property (Sense-Intuition)         Anatomical Connections (Gland-Thyroid)
*Endocrine and Nervous System                  *Brow, Autonomic Nervous System
-Awareness                                              -Hypothalamus
-Meditation                                               -Eyes
Emotional Connection                               Planet: Jupiter
*Psychic Awareness and Intuition                  Element: Light
-Big picture                                               Aromatherapy: Lavender
-Service                                                   Metal: Silver
-Imagination                                             Sound: Mm
-Focuses on the good                                 Fragrance: Star Anise
-Clairvoyance                                            Incense: Galangal

Healers Use It For

Blue Sapphire
-Cures eye infections
-Improves eyesight
-Relieves headaches
-Relieves fever
-Relieves nosebleeds and ear issues
-Inner ear imbalances
-Swollen glands
-Aids in speech and communication
-Helps the nervous system
-Treats blood disorders
-Degenerative diseases


Blue Sapphire Ethereal Crystal
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