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Ruby is known as the "stone of nobility" gathering and amplifying energy while promoting and stimulating mental concentration. It can improve ones success in controversies and disputes, encouraging gentleness and discouraging violence. It is an excellent shielding stone, protecting all levels and safeguarding ones consciousness from psychic attacks. In ancient cultures, it was used in the practice of "casting lots," to assist in the determination of resolutions and decisions. It has been used to introduce stability in ones economic status; it has been said that as long as one retains a bit of ruby, wealth will never part. Ruby is also said to have been used to protect the wearer/carrier against unhappiness, distressing dreams, and lightening. The energy of the ruby is intense and vivid, bringing lucidity to the dream state and conveying understanding and control of the role and action of the mental state upon the physical realm. The ruby encourages one to follow bliss. It is said that the ruby will light the darkness of ones life, giving birth to a spark of light which progresses throughout the body and spirit, conquering darkness on all levels. The energy can assist one in changing ones' world, promoting creativity and expansiveness in awareness and manifestation. The ruby crystal has been known as the "star of purity" and the "star of fire," initiating action and assisting the Earth in receiving the full spectrum of light required for the progression of humanity toward the access of the spiritual leading to enlightenment. The ruby crystal has been used as a rod-like conductor for atmospheric electricity, providing a medium through which an understanding and actualization of healing process can be manifested. This material is excellent for stimulating the heart chakra, bringing spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and wealth. It protects on all levels and a great shielding stone. It is a very powerful gem in the universe as it gives contentment and peace. Ruby under the pillow helps rid of bad dreams. Ruby rings should be warn on the left hand to receive the life force and have protection. If it is given as a gift it is a symbol of friendship and love. Ruby also symbolizes vitality and royality. It is filled with love and helps sexual love be more passionate. If a person wishes to have more self-love meditate on the ruby. It gives courage to aid a person to be their best self.
Stone Color
Pink to purple to red to orange red.
Energy Properties

-Restore and maintain passion
-Heightens awareness and concentration
-Promotes courageous attitude
-Increases success in controversies and disputes
-Reduce fear of the paranormal and evil
-Guards against psychic and psychological attacks
-Shielding crystal
-Aphrodisiac allowing one to experience all forms of love.
-Deepens a couple's relationship and encourages closeness and commitment
First Chakra - Root (Base of Spine)
Prime Function                                       Divine Principle (Goal)
*Grounding and Security                           *Simplicity and Basics
-Survival                                                 -Stability
-Primal energy                                         -Self preservation
-Taking care of self and others                   -Awakening primal instincts
Physical Property (Sense-Smell)              Anatomical Connections (Gland-Thyroid)
*Anxiety                                                  *Reproductive System
-Dyslexia                                                 -Sex: Testes, Vagina
-Grounding in the physical plane                  -Pelvis, Legs, Feet and Tailbone
Emotional Connection                               Planet: Saturn
*Physical Needs                                         Element: Earth
-Base of needs of safety and security            Aromatherapy: Cinnamon
-Being grounded                                        Metal: Lead
-Behaviors                                                Sound: O
-Sexuality                                                 Fragrance: Cedar
-Fear                                                       Incense: Myrrh

Healers Use It For

-Aids blood flow in circulation
-Cleanses and removes infection of germs in the blood
-Warn as jewelry but never close to the solar plexus chakra. (rings on left hand)
-Strengthens the heart, myocardium, ventricles, and coronaries
-Treats disorders of the heart
-Regulates menstrual flow
-Alleviates pain with menstruation
-Beneficial for reproductive organs
-Use to treat sexual dysfunction, impotence and infertility, and menopause
-Detox the body, blood and lymph
-Helps with fever and infections
-Stimulates the adrenals, kidneys, and spleen



Ethereal Crystal (Distance Healing)
Ruby $10.00

Ruby Tumbled Stone
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Ruby & Fuschite Tumbled Stone
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Ruby Star Tumbled Stone
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