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Quartz is used to bring focus to something one wants or align with and accessing information from the higher level of consciousness. Quartz comes in a variety of unique shapes and has a variety of characteristics with specific names each having a different gift. Many spiritual beings realize the significance of this crystal and a variety of groups use the sacred power of a quartz crystal. It can aid manifesting positive and good things into one's life.


Quartz properties
An Activation - Left Brain Crystal has an inclined main facet that leans to the left. This is different from a Timeline to the Past which has 7th facet. 
Activation - Left Brain Quartz
An Activation - Left Brain Crystal has an inclined main facet that leans to the left. This is different from a Timeline to the Past which has 7th facet.
Activation - Right Brain Quartz
Activation -Right Brain crystals has an inclined main facet that leans to the right. This is different from a Timeline to the Future, which has 7th facet.

See Time Line to the Past or Future.

Alien Quartz
Alien: This name is misnamed it is called the ET Crystal as an abbreviation for a quartz that has extra terminations not Extra Terrestrial origin. View Extra Termination Quartz.

Alkali Etchings

Etched crystals have external markings that appear to be hieroglyphics that are inscribed on the sides or faces of the quartz.


Amphibole Quartz

Amphibole quartz is a milky white quartz that contains one or more amphibole minerals which are mostly asbestos silicates (most commonly Actinolite and Tremolite, others include Glaucophane, Hornblende, and Riebeckite-brown, blue or black). These fibrous asbestos minerals give the opaque milky appearance to the quartz. 


Often called Angel Quartz because they have inclusions that resemble wings. Angel quartz shield one from the abrasiveness of others and is especially helpful when one has been verbally or emotionally abused. This is often called a phantom quartz.

Ancestral Time Line
View Time Line to the Past

Angel Quartz

Angel Crystals have inclusion patterns that look like angel wings which are sometimes silvery white while others can be darker depending on the included material.


Arkimer Diamond

A diamond shape formation which is short Double Terminated Crystal from Arkansas which has a similar shape to the Herkimer Diamond.


Artemis Quartz
Artemis Quartz Crystal also called a Candle Crystal has a ratio of 6 to 1; greater length to width.
Atlantean Temple - Cathedral
Barnacle Quartz
Barnacles of smaller crystals cover some or part of a larger one a random attachments to the host crystal. Often this is called Fairy Dust Crystals.
Bent Crystal

One or more crystals has broken and visibly has rejoined at an angle to the shaft(s) of the crystal.


Black Tourmaline Quartz
Black Tourmaline Quartz is quartz with inclusions of black tourmaline needles.
Blue Tourmaline Quartz
Blue Tourmaline Quartz is quartz with inclusions of blue tourmaline.
Blue Phantom Quartz
Blue Phantom Quartz crystals contain phantom which are inclusions that appear to be slightly smaller crystals that appear gray or blue by shale inclusions. Also view Shale Phantom.
Bridge Quartz
Bridge Quartz crystal is a quartz with a smaller crystal growing out at nearly a right angle with the base of the smaller crystal inside the larger and most of the smaller outside of the larger. 

Note if the smaller crystal extends from the larger in both directions and part of it is completely enclosed within the larger, this is a Penetrator. Note if no section of the smaller one is completely contained within the larger, and both ends protrude this is a Cross Crystal. And if no part of the smaller crystal is completely enclosed by the larger and only a section extends from the larger crystal, then it is a damaged cross unless clear termination is seen.


Buddha Quartz
Buddha Quartz Crystal is a phantom that looks like a sitting Buddha when viewed through the main facet towards the back of the crystal.
Blurr Quartz
Blurr Quarz crystal is a three dimensional cluster with no clear matrix and the points radiate from the center only.

Candle Quartz
Candle Quartz crystals have a myriad of smaller terminations that surround a larger central point. The smaller crystals can be either sharp and translucent or almost rounded as found in opaque crystals. Candle Quartz points feel pointy to touch. If the smaller crystals are sharply defined and just around the base it is an Abundance Quartz.
Castle Quartz
Castle Quartz is a twin formation with many points and extra facets on the tip. Many of the faces will also reflect light at the same angle which gives the "castle" look. This is a self healed crystal means it is broken from it's matrix or another crystal continued to grow and healed the rough base or side. This is similar to a Cathedral but it does not have the large center termination.
Cathedral Quartz
Cathedral Quartz Crystals are rare as one prominent point with parallel points that come around all sides at different widths and lengths but always shorter than the main crystal. There is the main base that each crystal comes from.
Center Point Quartz
Center Point Quartz has a point at the very center of the crystal each with six faces triangular shaped. It is called a Generator as this is a rare natural formation, but often easy to find if enhanced with a polished point.
Channeling Quartz
Channeling Quartz has seven side facet flanked with two smaller three sided ones that are opposite a three sided one.
Chimney Quartz
Chimney Quartz Crystal is two crystal points connected by a thin sheet of crystal.
Chisel Quartz

Chisel Quartz Crystals are wide mostly flat crystals with wide beveled facets that resemble a chisel.


Cluster Quartz
Cluster Quartz Crystal has three or more crystals which share a common base.

Comet Quartz
A Comet Quartz Crystal has a grouping of indentations or more sides that have a trailing and spray of edges that look like a comet.

Consumption Quartz
Consumption Quartz Crystals is one crystal that looks as if the other consumed the other and they are aligned.

Convoluted Sheet Quartz
Convoluted Sheet Quartz Crystal is a milky twisted shape quartz that is formed over other minerals (that often have dissolved) and leaves holes and vacancies in the quartz.

Crater Quartz 
Crater Quartz Crystals are identified by an indentation or crater where other crystals once were attached but now are absent. Crater Quartz can be either a single crystal or cluster. If the indentation is 3 or 6 sided and becomes narrower as it penetrates the crystal this is a Key Quartz Crystal.

Cross Quartz
Cross Quartz Crystals is one crystal growing at right angles of another creating a cross shape. These two crystals do not completely penetrate each other and terminations of these crystals are separate also. They are simply two crystals laying across the other.
Cubic Quartz
Cubic Quartz Crystals are distorted crystals with a cube like appearance.
Curved Quartz
Curved Quartz Crystals are crystals with growth patterns that form a curve they are not bent or fractures nor a regrowth. These have grown curved.
Dendritic Quartz

Dendritic Quartz contain natural inclusions of manganese oxide which looks like ferns.



Devic Temple Quartz
Devic Temple Quartz Crystals have internal fracture planes that look like horizontal ledges and shelves when the crystal is held vertically. These are rare crystals and might be confused with Fairy Frost.
Diamond Window - Six Faced
Diamond Window- Six Faced is a four sided vertical diamond shaped face with one of the size main faces which is a very rare crystal.
Diamond Window - Seven Faced
Diamond Window- Seven Faced has a vertical diamond of 1-1-1 face between and slightly lower than the six main faces this is an uncommon crystal.
Dogtooth Quartz

Dogtooth Quartz is a nearly diamond shaped elongated body with two opposing faces and sides (which are often very small). This is a stocky short crystal that is double terminated which resembles a dog's tooth.


Dolphin Quartz
Dolphin Quartz Crystal is a host with a smaller similarly aligned crystal or crystals riding on top of one of the sides. One or both may be double terminated.
Double Diamond Window
Double Diamond Window Quartz Crystals have two diamond windows one above each other.
Double Terminated Quartz
Double Terminated Quartz Crystals have two distinct terminations with no base.
Dow Quartz

Dow Quartz Crystals have seven sides channel faces of the same size alternating with the same size three triangle faces.


Drusy Quartz 
Drusy Quartz Crystal has a cluster of many tiny or partially formed crystals in it.
Elestial Quartz
Elestial Quartz Crystals have natural terminations over  a multi-layered crystal. It often look smokey in appearance and has wrinkles.
Empathetic Warrior Quartz
Empathetic Warrior Quartz Crystal has suffered a man made or natural damage.

Empowering Quartz
Empowering Quartz Crystals have one or two main four sided faces. These do not have a diamond face for it's 7th face which is what makes a Diamond Crystal distinct.

Enhydro Quartz
Enhydro Quartz Crystal has water drops or other liquids that have been suspended inside small bubbles.
Etched Quartz
Etched Quartz Crystals have external markings that appear to be foreign drawings or hieroglyphics inscribed on the sides or faces of the crystal.
Extra Terrestrial - Extra Terminated Quartz
Extra Terrestrial Quartz has a single termination at one end and multiple termination at the other end.
Faden Quartz

Faden Quartz Crystal has a milky feathery line that runs through the crystal which is usually a Tabby Crystal.


Fairy Dust Quartz

Fairy Dust Quartz Crystals have an outside attachment of smaller crystals on the outside of the larger one looking like "dust." There are called Barnacle crystals when they are attached crystals to the larger one and mostly distinct to the eye as separate smaller crystals.


Fairy Frost Quartz
Fairy Frost Quartz Crystals have extensive small interconnected fractures and inclusions. If the fractures are distinct appearing like ledges this is a Devic Temple Crystal.
Fairy Cluster Quartz
Fairy Cluster Quartz Crystals are clusters of very small intricate crystals together that form needle like crystals inside.
Fairy Wand Quartz
Fairy Wand Quartz Crystals are rare. These are small and have extraordinary shapes some have the appearance of a miniature minaret.
Family Quartz
Family Quartz Crystals are when two larger "parent" crystals are with one or more smaller "child" crystals.
Female Quartz
Female Quartz is a crystal which is milky white in color.
Floater Quartz
Floater Quartz Crystal has a point that naturally broke off the matrix but continued to grow away from the matrix yet shows no contact point.
Generator Quartz
Generator Quartz Crystals are also called center point and have six sharp facets that meat at the sharp point center.
Girasol Quartz
Girasol Quartz are translucent crystals with a pale blue cast color.
Glassback Quartz
Glassback Quartz Crystal is a cluster that has a thin base that makes the cluster transparent.
Glitter Quartz

Glitter Quartz Crystals have crystals adhering randomly outside of the host crystal.


Grounding Quartz
Grounding Quartz Crystal has eight sides.
Growth Interference Quartz
Growth Interference Quartz Crystal has cuts on the sides that look like a trim saw made them. These cuts are from nearby calcite crystal growth that interfered with the crystal growth.
Herkimer Diamond
Herkimer Diamonds are a distinctive crystal found only in Herkimer Co. NW. These are transparent and double terminated crystals with a hardness of 7.5.
Himalayan Ice Quartz
Himalayan Ice Quartz are pink toned with some green tones (sometimes) they come from the high Himalayan mountains. These have deep etchings. The pink comes from titanium and green tones come from chlorite.
Included Quartz

Included Quartz Crystals is a type of crystal which hold the power and attributes of the main crystal with it's shape. The muted powers of the included crystals are based on their crystalline structure, chemical composition and color.


Inner Child Quartz

Inner Child Quartz Crystal are similar to bridge crystals as these have a small crystal growing from a much larger crystal. An Inner Child Quartz Crystal is mostly contained in the larger crystal with only a small amount of it extruding out. Some Inner Child Quartz Crystals have a very small growth from a much larger one and this looks like a trigger these can be called Triggers but they are a form of inner child. If there is a small crystal that is only slightly included within the larger crystal this is a bridge. If the smaller crystal is completely contained inside the larger crystal this is a Manifestation Crystal.



Inner Dimensional Quartz
Inner Dimensional Quartz Crystals have smooth round windows that go across the intersections between the faces of the termination parts of the crystal. 
Isis Quartz
Isis Quartz Crystals have a dominate face with five sides and a tall sharp point similar to an arrowhead.
Japan Law Twin Quartz
Japan Law Twin Quartz Crystals are two single crystals with broad flattened prisms of one penetration twin joined at the same plane and angle of 84 degrees.

Key Quartz
Key Quartz Crystal has an indentation on one side that narrows as it penetrates with usually 3 sides. It can also be six sided.
Laser Wand Quartz
Laser Wand Quartz Crystal is a long slender crystal that tapers towards termination.
Lemurian Seed Quartz

Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal have horizontal lines on one or more sides. Some are clear while others can be pink to reddish glow.


Library Quartz
Library Quartz Crystals have irregular "book like" formations that are slightly raised flat crystals that are attached to the sides and face.
Life Path Quartz
Life Path Quartz Crystal is long, thin and clear with one or more smooth sides.

Lineated Quartz
Lineated Quartz Crystal has a parallel elevated or sunken rectilinear part of another crystal.
Male Quartz
Male Quartz Crystal is a clear crystal.
Manifestation Quartz
Manifestation Quartz Crystal has another eye-visible crystal completely inside another.

Master Matrix Quartz
Master Matrix Quartz Crystals have external etchings and/or inclusions, fractures that look like a circle, square, triangle. The circle is the most rare.
Muse Quartz
Muse Quartz Crystals are a cluster of similar sized crystals in a cluster.

Mythic Quartz
Mythic Quartz Crystals are milky opaque double terminated.
Needle Quartz
Needle Quartz Crystal is long and thin that resembles a needle.

Nodule Quartz
Nodule Quartz Crystal grows within a cavity inside a rock.
Parallel Growth Quartz
Parallel Growth Quartz Crystals have a series of crystals growing out of a crystal as these overlap and often do not have six sides.

Parity Quartz
Parity Quartz Crystals are a cluster of identical sized crystals.
Penetrator Quartz
Penetrator Quartz Crystal is a formation in which one crystal is pierced by another. A Penetrator can be the termination of the Penetrating crystal completing the contained within the larger crystal or an extending out of another side of the crystal to. If the crystal is extending out of a crystal this is either a Bridge or Inner Child (based on the percentage of extending outward the crystal is). If the crystal does not penetrate completely this is a cross.
Phantom Quartz
Phantom Quartz Crystal has a ghost like image of another crystal inside it that is aligned with the outer crystal.
Picture Window Quartz
Picture Window Quartz Crystals have a small tumbled crystal with one polished smooth end allowing the inside of the crystal to be seen.
Pink Lemurian Seed Quartz
Pink Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals are naturally tinted with a pale pink color with light horizontal striations on the prismatic faces. The coloring comes from a dusting of Hematite during the growth process of the crystal.

Pinnacle Quartz
Pinnacle Quartz Crystal has terminations growing into a long slim pinnacle shape.
Pocket Quartz
Pocket Quartz Crystal is a massive quartz with depressions that appear as pockets.

Quantum Quartz
Quantum Quartz Crystal has a cluster of three similar crystals that share a common base.

Rainbow Quartz
Rainbow Quartz Crystal has inclusions or internal cracks which show a rainbow when viewed from a certain angel.
Receiver Quartz
Receiver Quartz Crystal has a broad sloping face.
Record Keeper Quartz
Record Keeper Quartz Crystals have clearly etched pyramid shapes on its termination faces.
Scepter Quartz
Scepter Quartz Crystal has a new crystal that forms over and caps a previously formed crystal.
Scrubber Quartz
Scrubber Quartz Crystal is a cluster which all points are of similar length.
Selene Quartz
Selene Quartz Crystal has an included veil that appears as a phase of the moon.
Self Healed Quartz
Self Healed Quartz Crystals have many terminations where it has been broken and regrowth has happened.
Shale Phantom Quartz
Shale Phantom Quartz Crystal has a phantom crystal that is caused by an included shale that may appear blue, grey, or black.
Shaman Dow Quartz
Shaman Dow Quartz Crystal is a dow which contains a white phantom.

Sheet Quartz
Sheet Quartz Crystal is a clear flat section that is between two crystals.
Shield Quartz
Shield Quartz Crystal is when the main face only six edges.
Shovel Quartz
Shovel Quartz Crystal has one face that is a bit larger than the other faces with a significant slant resembling a shovel.
Singing Quartz
Singing Quartz Crystal are tuned small laser wands that produce a bell like sound when they are tapped together.
Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz Crystal is a naturally dark crystal that is colored due to its proximity to radio active elements within the earth at the time it grew. It ranges in color from light smokey brown to a light tint.
Soul Mate Quartz
Soul Mate Quartz Crystal are two separate termination crystals with a parallel growth that are joined on one side by contact. These do not grow from a common base.

Spade Quartz
Spade Quartz Crystal has a small face that looks like a spade figure on it often smaller than a shovel.
Spirit Guardian Quartz
Spirit Guardian Quartz Crystals are two Double Terminated crystals that are the same size naturally joined together at their longest side.

Spirit Quartz
Spirit Quartz Crystal looks like a cactus with many incomplete end faces with tiny termination faces at each point as a result of a fast growing crystal.

Split Face Quartz
Split Face Quartz Crystals appears to have two adjoining main faces with each 4-6 edges.
Stepped Quartz
Stepped Quartz Crystals has one or more ridges that are formed into one or more of the terminated faces.
Tabby Quartz
Tabby Quartz Crystal has two wide sids that create a flat crystal as this is at least twice as wide as thick.
Tabby Chain Quartz
Tabby Chain Quartz Crystal has a cluster of several Tabby points that form together to connect at the sides.
Tabular Quartz
Tabular Quartz Crystal form in pipelines and in sand with no particular direction.
Tantric Twin Quartz
Tantric Twin Quartz Crystal is when two crystals of the same size grow from a common base parallel but keep separate terminations. When the crystals are not growing from the common base these are Soul Mate Crystals.

Teacher Quartz
Teacher Quartz Crystal are any crystal that has the embedded wisdom of high order, no one can claim to give you a Teacher Crystal as these cannot be recognized by appearance.
Time Line to the Future Quartz
Time Line to the Future Quartz Crystal contain a seventh face that is just below the six main faces of the termination. The seventh face has a parallelogram shape similar to a rectangle turned at an angle leaning to the right.
Time Line to the Past Quartz

Time Line to the Past Quartz Crystal contain a seventh face that is just below the six main faces of the termination. The seventh face has a parallelogram shape similar to a rectangle turned at an angle leaning to the left.

Transformation Quartz
Transformation Quartz Crystal changes attributes from time to time that cannot be recognized.
Transmitter Quartz
Transmitter Quartz Crystal has two seven sided faces which is separated by a three one sided face.
Twin Flame Quartz

Twin Flame Quartz Crystal has two crystals that are joined at the base to create a v shape.

Veil Quartz
Veil Quartz Crystal has inclusions of white wispy appearance.
Wand Quartz

Wand Quartz Crystal is a narrow long crystal with at least one faceted point.

Yin Yang Quartz
Yin Yang Quartz Crystal has a milky white color around the base that turns clear at it's termination.

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