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Chakra Balancing Jewelry

These unique Chakra Balancing Necklaces & Jewelry have their own unique vibration. I have been inspired by each one when creating. Each has it's own gift and power. I was first inspired by having an ornament that could be worn on my head with a pendant or crystal that fell on my third eye as a way of awakening this chakra. However each of these can also be worn as a necklace. As part of my collection to Awaken the Chakras each of these pieces are made to Awaken an intention within you. 


Bath Crystals 

Made with organic ingredients with additional personalized energy healing and Ethereal Crystals can be added to any bath crystal product. 


Meditation Mandalas

Created with energy and magic. Each is unique with it's own energy vibration. If you wish to receive one listed below (I also offer unique meditation mandalas in each of these designs with your own energy essence colors created). If one resonates with you and you wish to receive, email. Meditation Mandalas are created for bursting energy into your living space, office, or in any area they are placed in. Each may be meditated to to receive their healing energy and epiphany magic.



Crystals are healing and magical. Each has it's own vibration and these are all seeking new guardians. I have selected these and they will be sent with a blessing and energy healing blessing also. More will be added soon. Check back as the inventory does change. I love working with crystals they transform and each have their own magical journey with you.




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