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Pink Beryl (Morganite)


This mineral is excellent for heart stone, which facilitates opening and release of pent up emotion, cleansing the heart and preparing it to attract and substain love in one's life. Gives wearer a "live and let live" attitutde.

Stone Color
Clear and pink
Energy Properties
Nascetur ridiculus mus pellentesque nonu nulla eget leo
Vestibulum rutrum nibh a eros cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus pellentesque nonu nulla eget leo cnras interdum sollicitudin ante sed placerat .

|| Nascetur ridiculus mus

Fourth Chakra - Heart
Prime Function                                       Divine Principle (Goal)
*Balance, Love and Connection                   *Warmth, Esteem, and Forgiveness
-Love and compassion                               -Motion
-Ego                                                       -Sharing and Relating
-Hope                                                     -Respecting self and others
-Positive attitude                                 
Physical Property (Sense-Touch)              Anatomical Connections (Galnd-Thymus)
*Center of Love for Self, Others                   *Heart
-God                                                        -Lung
-Emotional Balance                                    -Lymph and immune system
                                                              -Blood pressure
Emotional Connection                               Planet: Venus
*Sharing and Trust                                     Element: Air
-Felxibility                                                 Aromatherapy: Heliotrope
-Growth                                                   Metal: Copper
-New ideas                                               Sound: Ah
-Coping skills                                             Fragrance: Chamomile
-Balance                                                  Incense: Rose

Healers Use It For




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