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This mineral is excellent for healing. It emits a friendly energy that can be used to cleanse the heart and solar plexus chakras. It provides a shield of protection around the body. Peridot is a stone of lightness and beauty. A person with too many earthly problems will not be able to understand Peridot's beauty. The very spiritual can wear a peridot necklace with the stone at the base of the throat and can feel its soothing effects. Peridot necklace can be a protector against negative emotions.

Stone Color
Translucent green
Energy Properties

-Increases patience, confidence and assertiveness
-Clears the heart
-Clears the ego
-Clears jealousy and anger and irritation
-Brings a sense of peace and quiet amusement
-Heals hurt feelings and mends damaged relationships


Fourth Chakra - Heart
Prime Function                                       Divine Principle (Goal)
*Balance, Love and Connection                   *Warmth, Esteem, and Forgiveness
-Love and compassion                               -Motion
-Ego                                                       -Sharing and Relating
-Hope                                                     -Respecting self and others
-Positive attitude                                 
Physical Property (Sense-Touch)              Anatomical Connections (Galnd-Thymus)
*Center of Love for Self, Others                   *Heart
-God                                                        -Lung
-Emotional Balance                                    -Lymph and immune system
                                                              -Blood pressure
Emotional Connection                               Planet: Venus
*Sharing and Trust                                     Element: Air
-Flexibility                                                 Aromatherapy: Heliotrope
-Growth                                                   Metal: Copper
-New ideas                                               Sound: Ah
-Coping skills                                             Fragrance: Chamomile
-Balance                                                  Incense: Rose

Third Chakra - Solar Plexus
 Prime Function                                       Divine Principle (Goal)
*Energy and Vitality                                   *Inner Strength and Self Control
-Will power                                               -Purpose
-Desire and Power                                     -Metabolism and motion
-Personal authority                                    -Energize emotions
Physical Property (Sense-Sight)              Anatomical Connections (Gland-Thyroid)
*Vital Energy                                            *Solar Plexus: Digestive System
-The Body's Battery                                    -Stomach
-Gut instinct                                              -Liver
-Low intuition                                            -Gall bladder, bile
                                                              -Small intestine
Emotional Connection                               Planet: Mars
*Self Control                                             Element: Fire
-Efficiency                                                 Aromatherapy: Ginger
-Purpose                                                  Metal: Iron
-Strive for perfection, Details                       Sound: Ah
-Mental and will power                                Fragrance: Blueberry
-Anger                                                     Incense: Cedar

Healers Use It For

-Reduces stress
-Stimulates the mind
-Amplifies intuitive awareness
-Balances the glandular system
-Assists with tissue regeneration
-Purifies the body by strengthening the blood
-Aids with digestion
-Aids to reduce fever



Ethereal Crystal (Distance Healing)
Ethereal Peridot $10.00

Peridot Gem Elixir


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