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Creative Expression: Meditation Mandalas
Created with energy and magic. Each is unique with it's own energy vibration. If you wish to receive one listed below (I also offer unique meditation mandalas in each of these designs with your own energy essence colors created). If one resonates with you and you wish to receive, email. Meditation Mandalas are created for bursting energy into your living space, office, or in any area they are placed in. Each may be meditated to to receive their healing energy and epiphany magic.

Mystic Star Meditation Mandala  

Mystic Star Meditation Mandala is to expand your mind to all the mystery and mysticism that is so beautiful. Crystals will be added to the design. As we are all made of light, we shine out into many different colors. The orange is to open your Sacral Chakra which aids in creativity and our fire of passion which we use to connect to a sense of community. The yellow awakens the Solar Plexus Chakra, which aids in your self esteem and confidence to shine your passions out even brighter. The blue opens your throat chakra so that you may speak the truth and share your gifts and truth out to the world. While the purple connects to your crown chakra ability to connect to the ethers and experience all the beauty out in the universe in the stars and beyond to bring it down, to have even more expansive creativity. If this calls for you to receive it please contact.

Purification Meditation Mandala  

Purification Meditation Mandala clears air of any stagnant energy. As birds of a feather, there's an ability of offering all that no longer serves and needs to be removed into this mandala for it to sent it up to the ethers to be released into the ocean to be created into positive energy. If you need some cleansing in a space and this calls to you, contact.

Rainbow Meditation Mandala

Allow the grace and bright vibrant colors transport you away into creativity and imagination. This mandala brings much joy in it's playfulness reminding that every day should be lived in a childlike view. If you wish for some rainbow energy magic in your life email.


Self Realization Meditation Mandala

Self Realization Meditation Mandala is all about coming full circle in your life. We begin in one place and always come back to the self realization that we are all in Oneness. We have many windows in each of us that we get to experience. There is so much knowledge to gain from this mandala with many details and beautiful colors and energy that radiates. If this calls to you and you wish to receive email.


Joy Meditation Mandala  

Joy Meditation Mandala incorporates each chakra element with the crown chakra in the middle ... we are all the Flower of Life which create and radiates out. Email

Mother Sun Meditation Mandala  

We energetically walk in the sun allowing the rays to come into us. All the wisdom and knowledge the sun holds. All the while the balance of the cool blue moon energy that always comes. This is all about opening the Root Chakra, the bright red that grounds us to Mother Earth. The Orange Sacral Chakra which is about passion and sexuality, the pleasure of abundance in our life. We are called to create and be. The yellow activates the Solar Plexus Chakra which brings the confidence that we all embody to shine brightly out this beautiful ray within each one of us. As we speak our truth, even in the darkness in the cool blue energy of the Throat Chakra, we speak truth even in the presence of the moon. When we are in the shadows of the night we speak our truth, our light as though we are in the presence of the sun. If this message Meditation Mandala calls to you please email to be it's new guardian. 

Bloom Meditation Mandala

Bloom we all are in a state of growing and finding our selves. If you are in your transformation in between who you were and who you are becoming. If this speaks to you and you wish to receive email.


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