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This mineral is used as a successful love stone. It is said to provide domestic bliss, sensitivity and loyalty. It can be used to enhance the memory. It is also useful for opening the heart chakra. It can bring successful consequences for legal affairs. The emerald is the sacred stone of the goddess Venus. It preserve love. The emerald has also been the symbol for hope. It is considered by many to be the stone for prophecy. For some the emerald acts as a tranquilizer for a troubled mind. The emerald is said to bring the wearer reason and wisdom. The strongest time to harness the emerald's powers is said to be in the spring. This stone is is lucky for love, so give your lover an emerald to stay faithful. Certain cultures view the emerald as a symbol for fertilizing rain. The proper name for the emerald is beryl, however there are different colors of beryl. Emerald green is the color of this stone also. Most emeralds have inclusions (bubbles) in them. If the stone has too much blue in it, then it's an aquamarine. Pink beryl is Morganite, yellow beryl is golden beryl, yellow-green beryl is heliodor. There is also a rare red beryl. The best beryl comes from Colombia and Brazil. The power of the emerald is highest at the full moon. Give your lover an emerald and it will bring the lover closer if the giver's motives are pure love. It can be a bridge between two people. 

Stone Color
Green to light green
Energy Properties

-Heal the heart
-Provides great harmony
-Vibrates with Love
-Gives joy and love to the owner
Fourth Chakra - Heart
Prime Function                                       Divine Principle (Goal)
*Balance, Love and Connection                   *Warmth, Esteem, and Forgiveness
-Love and compassion                               -Motion
-Ego                                                       -Sharing and Relating
-Hope                                                     -Respecting self and others
-Positive attitude                                 
Physical Property (Sense-Touch)              Anatomical Connections (Gland-Thymus)
*Center of Love for Self, Others                   *Heart
-God                                                        -Lung
-Emotional Balance                                    -Lymph and immune system
                                                              -Blood pressure
Emotional Connection                               Planet: Venus
*Sharing and Trust                                     Element: Air
-Felxability                                                 Aromatherapy: Heliotrope
-Growth                                                   Metal: Copper
-New ideas                                               Sound: Ah
-Coping skills                                             Fragrance: Chamomile
-Balance                                                  Incense: Rose

Healers Use It For

-Disease of the eye



Ethereal Crystal (Distance Healing)
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