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Master healer. An extremely powerful stone in the removing of blockages and all emotional negativity. It's a symbol of purity, a Diamond's white life brings our lives in to a cohesive whole. Diamond's bring love and clarity to partnerships, bonding the manifestation of abundance. Diamond's amplify energy an does not require recharging. It brings strength and endurance to all energies and enhances the power of other crystals. It can also increase negative energy as well. This stone is excellent for blocking electromagnetic stress and to protect against cell phone emanations. 

Stone Color

Energy Properties

-Bond relationships
-Encourage innocence
Seventh Chakra - Crown
Prime Function                                       Divine Principle (Goal)
*Enlightenment & Transcendence                *Divinity and Higher Values
-Spiritual understanding                             -Wisdom
-Cosmic Consciousness                              -Inspiration
-Seeing the one will                                  -Higher reason and awareness
Physical Property (Sense-Thinking)         Anatomical Connections (Gland-Pituitary)
*Metabolism, RNA-DNA                              *Crown: Central Nervous System
-Spiritual consciousness                              -Head
                                                              -Cerebral cortex
                                                              -Upper spine
Emotional Connection                              Planet: Uranus
*Spiritual Love and Compassion                   Element: Thought
-Peace                                                     Aromatherapy: Jasmine
-Harmony                                                 Metal: Gold
-Loving                                                    Sound: Ng
-Thoughtful                                              Fragrance: Lotus
-Focused                                                 Incense: Peony
-Cosmic love                                                                            

Healers Use It For

-Clears emotional and mental pain
-Purifies and detoxes all the body's systems
-Rebalances metabolisms
-Builds stamina and strength
-Helps treat allergies and chronic conditions
-Helps with glaucoma
-Clears sight
-Reduces fear
-Treats dizziness and vertigo
-Counteracts poisons
-Stimulates creativity


Ethereal Crystal (Distance Healing)
Ethereal Diamond $10.00

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