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This stone strengthens your immune system and keeps it alert and responsible to your body's needs. Also called heliotrope by the Greeks who thought it would bring change. It has been used to protect against the evil eye. Also is the symbol of justice. The bloodstone is used for circulation of all energy in the body and helps to remove energy blocks. Bloodstone's energy empowers certain micro-organisms in your bloodstream that are vital to optimal immune function. This empowerment uplifts the overall quality of your body's energy, making your body an incompatible environment for infections of all kinds. Bloodstone also removes burdens from your immune system as it facilitates the removal of toxins from your body and enhances your cells' absorption of nutrients. This mineral is excellent as a healing stone and is called the stone of courage. It can be used to awaken the base, navel, sacral, and heart chakras. It is also centering and grounding for the heart chakra. It provides a revitalization of love, relationships, and friendships. The bloodstone can also be used to align all the centers of the body.

Stone Color
Mostly green with tiny spots of red that looks like blood
Energy Properties

-Remove energy blocks
-Uplifts body's energy
-Centering and grounding heart chakra


First Chakra - Root (Base of Spine)
Prime Function                                       Divine Principle (Goal)
*Grounding and Security                           *Simplicity and Basics
-Survival                                                 -Stability
-Primal energy                                         -Self preservation
-Taking care of self and others                   -Awakening primal instincts
Physical Property (Sense-Smell)              Anatomical Connections (Gland-Thyroid)
*Anxiety                                                  *Reproductive System
-Dyslexia                                                 -Sex: Testes, Vagina
-Grounding in the physical plane                  -Pelvis, Legs, Feet and Tailbone
Emotional Connection                               Planet: Saturn
*Physical Needs                                         Element: Earth
-Base of needs of safety and security            Aromatherapy: Cinnamon
-Being grounded                                        Metal: Lead
-Behaviors                                                Sound: O
-Sexuality                                                 Fragrance: Cedar
-Fear                                                       Incense: Myrrh

Healers Use It For

-Strengthens immune system
-Aids in blood circulation
-Removal of toxins in the body
-Enhances cells absorption of nutrients
-Stop nose bleeds



Ethereal Crystal (Distance Healing)
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Bloodstone Stone Tumble Stone
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