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Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is excellent for bridging between spirit and matter and helping to bring balance. It deflects negativity and is used as a protection stone. It is used as a crystal for luck and happiness. This is a powerful stone as when it is rubbed it becomes charged with magnetic electricity and the luck intensifies. This crystal comes in a variety of other colors. Watermelon tourmaline is shades of red, pink, green and blue. Green brings success while pink brings love and friends. A Tourmalated quartz brings peace of mind. All the colors of tourmaline are powerful and should be selected carefully as each person reacts differently with tourmaline. Black tourmaline pushes away all negativity.


Stone Color
Orange-red, and/or yellow
Energy Properties

-Rid negativity
-Peace of mind
-Cleanses emotional body of negative thoughts, anxiety, anger, unworthiness
-Clear rational thought
-Inspires a positive attitude no matter what
-Practical creativity


First Chakra - Root (Base of Spine)
Prime Function                                       Divine Principle (Goal)
*Grounding and Security                           *Simplicity and Basics
-Survival                                                 -Stability
-Primal energy                                         -Self preservation
-Taking care of self and others                   -Awakening primal instincts
Physical Property (Sense-Smell)              Anatomical Connections (Gland-Thyroid)
*Anxiety                                                  *Reproductive System
-Dyslexia                                                 -Sex: Testes, Vagina
-Grounding in the physical plane                  -Pelvis, Legs, Feet and Tailbone
Emotional Connection                               Planet: Saturn
*Physical Needs                                         Element: Earth
-Base of needs of safety and security            Aromatherapy: Cinnamon
-Being grounded                                        Metal: Lead
-Behaviors                                                Sound: O
-Sexuality                                                 Fragrance: Cedar
-Fear                                                       Incense: Myrrh

Healers Use It For

-Increases physical vitality
-Replaces tension and stress
-Treats obsessive/compulsive behaviors
-Relieves chronic worrying
-Stimulates reflect points in the lower back, legs, ankles and feet
-Realigns the spinal column
-Pain relief
-Assists strains, torn muscles, numbness
-Scar tissue
-Strengthens the immune system
-Strengthens the heart and adrenal glands
-Treats bowels, constipation and IBS and diseases of the colon
-Rids the body of heavy metal toxins and environmental pollutants
-Balances the right/left side of the brain
-Diminishes fear and treats paranoia
-Aids dyslexia




Ethereal Crystal (Distance Healing)
Ethereal Black Tourmaline $10.00

Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone
Small  $5.95
Medium  $6.95
Large  $9.95

Black Tourmaline in Quartz
Large  $9.95

Black Tourmaline River Tumbled Stone
Medium  $12.95
Large  $15.95

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