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Amazonite provides for balancing and aligning the physical with the etheral bodies. It is a stone of balance, balancing the male/female (ying/yang) energies. It soothes nerves and dispels both irritating and negative energy. It helps to rejuvenate the heart centers and the throat chakras.

Stone Color
Turquoise with white/gray stripes occassionally

Energy Properties

-Balance emotions
-Gives phyiscal stamina

Fifth Chakra - Throat
Prime Function                                       Divine Principle (Goal)
*Communication and Healing                     *Speech and Expression
-Creativity                                               -Speech
-Seeing the whole individual                       -Articulation
-Seeing the one will                                  -Creative Communication
Physical Property (Sense-Hear)              Anatomical Connections (Galnd-Thyroid)
*Parathyroid                                            *Throat and Neck
-Balance of Yin-Yang                                 -Parathyroid
-the Male and Female                                -Ears, sinus, respitory system
Emotional Connection                               Planet: Mercury
*Feelings and Openness                              Element: Ether
-Ideas                                                      Aromatherapy: Eucalyptus
-Healing nature                                          Metal: Mercury
-Life force                                                 Sound: Ee
-Creativity                                                 Fragrance: Frankincense
-Communication                                         Incense: Sandalwood

Healers Use It For




Ethernal Crystal (Distance Healing)
Etheral Blue Agate $10.00

Azamonite Tumble Stone 
Small  $3.00

Medium  $4.00

Large  $6.00

X Large  $7.00

Azamonite Tumble Stone Pendant in Copper
Small  $6.95

Medium  $8.00

Large  $12.00

X Large  $15.00

Azamonite Chip Bracelet
Polished stone chips strung on plastic cord.
One Size $6.00

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