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Alexandrite helps the nervous. Encourages regeneration, renewal, protection, joy, emotional maturity, purity, grace and elegance. It helps balance one's emotional state while providing confidence to increase self-esteem and to bring change. Alexandrite is one of the rarest gemstones as it has regenerative powers. It can bring happiness, success, and intensify the feelings of love and sensuality. Alexandrite can enhance the rebirth of the inner and other self. It can change one's world while creating qualities of expansiveness, creativity, and awareness in the realm of manifestation.

Stone Color
Blue, Green, Red
Energy Properties

 -Helps the nervous system
-May be used to amplify color therapy
-Good luck
-Aid in death/rebirth situations (when transforming the old into the new)
-Balancing emotions
-Empowering yourself
-Stimulate happiness and pleasant surprises
-Success in speculative maters
Second Chakra - Sacral
Prime Function                                       Divine Principle (Goal)
*Relationships and Emotions                     *Sensitivity and Sensuality
-Sexuality and Intimacy                             -Sesual desire
-Expressing needs: emotional and sexual     -Reproduction
-Seeing the one will                                  -Responding
Physical Property (Sense-Taste)              Anatomical Connections (Gland-Gonads)
*Colds                                                     *Sacral: Abdomen
-Life-force                                                -Spleen
-Aliveness                                                -Urinary Tract and Kidneys
-Energy                                                   -Ovaries
-Sex                                                       -Uterus
-Creativity                                               -Blood sugar
Emotional Connection                               Planet: Moon
*Intimacy and Letting Go                             Element: Water
-Taste                                                      Aromatherapy: Dragon Blood
-Emotional needs                                       Metal: Tin
-Emotional cleansing                                   Sound: Oo
-Warmth                                                   Fragrance: Rose
-Desire                                                     Incense: Saffron
Healers Use It For

-Pancreas disorders
-Swollen lymph nodes
-Used along side leukemia treatments


Ethereal Crystal (Distance Healing)
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